Skircoat Green - The Residence Voice

Welcome to the Skircoat Green community website!

You may ask why we need yet another website, surely there are enough site to fulfill all that is needed in the area? So why bother?

Here are some of the ideas so far, if you want to add to this please do so by getting in touch here

  • There are plenty of businesses in the area, we could act to help promote local business, why go somewhere else if there is the right business for the job right here in Skircoat Green?
  • There is lots of social things going on around the area, such as pub quizz nights, walks, keep fit and diet classes, etc etc. How about having somewhere central where we can see all that's going on?
  • How about letting everyone know what the local policing team are up to and perhaps we can help
  • Local church services and other church based events
  • Parish Hall notices and events
  • Be a voice that can bring community issues to the public e.g. see the parking proposal issues below

Parking Proposals - Objections Need to be in by 8th March

The proposed parking plans by Calderdale Council have had many local residence knocking on doors trying to drum up support against the plans. Many other people have writen to the council to oppose the plans but acting alone our voice is weak and will probably be ignored.

This has highlighted the need for a platform to co-ordinate local voices and opinions, this site can help with that purpose.

It may be a little late to oppose the proposed parking situation but hopefully it can help with future residential matters.

I am looking for local Editors to help run this site for the benefit of the area, the local people and businesses.

Please contact me if you are interested in helping, you do not need to be technically minded just be able to be a voice.